ISA Bus Extenders....

Bus Isolation and Wearout extenders....

ISAIX16 is a Bus Isolation Extender that allows user to test the 16 bit ISA add-on boards quickly without having to power the system down each time. It is especially designed to save valuable labor and time in production environment. It is also a great tool for engineers during product development while many changes and testing are required. It has many outstanding features such as, remote or local power and signal isolation control, fused power lines with short circuit sensing, audible alarm and etc. It also allows voltage margin and current measurement. The ISAIX16 is made in USA with one year warranty. The dimension is 7.2" L x 5.2" H, not including the mounting bracket. ISAIX16 Specification

ISASX2 is a wearout extender designed to go on top of the ISAIX16 extender. It is a short and low cost extender designed to be worn out after about 1000 times of insertion. It is very useful and strongly recommended in heavily used environment. It can also be used to prevent the I/O board gold fingers from damage, when the I/O boards are used to test the motherboards repeatedly. The dimension is 6.7" L x 1.1" H.

ISAR-04 is a right angle extender that is capable of having a standard ISA 16 bit connector mounted on B side (solder side) or A side (component side) of the board. When the user's I/O board is inserted, the component side of the user's board will be parallel to the motherboard and face up with -B version or face down with -A version.
The dimension is 5.9" L x 1.21"H.

ISAR-05 - ISA Right Angle (on B side and A side) Riser Card, Rev-05. It features 5 ISA slots, which can be ordered in many combinations, for example -3A2B means 3 slots on A-side and 2 slots on B-side; -3B2A means 3 slots on B-side and 2 slots on A-side. Dimension - H: 2.425" x W: 6.7".

ISA-01 - ISA Right Angle (on A side) or straight Riser Card (offsetted, using a right angle connector) , Rev-01. Dimension -H: 2.90" x W: 5.99".

ISA-03 - ISA Right Angle (on A side) or straight Riser Card (offsetted, using a right angle connector), Rev-03. Dimension - H: 2.24" x W: 6.15".

ISAF-01 - ISA Flip Riser Card (right angle or straight), the connector on the top is rotated 180 degree relative to the gold fingers, Rev-01. Dimension - H: 4.55" x W: 6.25".

ISAV-01 - ISA Straight Riser Card, Rev-01. Dimension - H: 2.9" x W: 5.7".
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