ISAIX16, ISA Bus Isolation Extender Specification

ISAIX16 is an ISA Bus Isolation Extender that allows user to test the ISA add-on boards quickly without having to power the system down each time. It is especially designed to save valuable time and labor in production testing environment. It is also a great tool for engineers during product development while many changes and testing are required. It provides total power and signal isolation between the motherboard and the board under test. It can be controlled manually by an on-board toggle switch or by external TTL signals. Besides saving time for testing, it also protects the motherboard from damages. The ISAIX16 is designed with many years of field experience and real user suggested features. It is built with quality and state of the art components. The ISAIX16 is made in USA with one year warranty.
Product Features:
  • Total power and signal isolation.
  • No disturbance to the system bus during bus isolation and reconnection.
  • Less than 500ps signal delay, through the isolation buffer and trace.
  • Minimum voltage drop.
  • Single toggle switch operation or external TTL software control.
  • Allows voltage margin and current measurement.
  • Pluggable fuses for power line protection.
  • Short circuit sensing logic with auto power shut off.
  • Multiple audible alarm tone for normal operation and short circuit condition.
  • Flashing status LED to indicate bus connection and disconnection.
  • Header pins for logic analyzer hook up, with color tubes to indicate power pins.
  • Supports low cost straight wearout extender and offset wearout extender.
  • Optional connector at right angle to the extender connector.
  • Quality multilayer construction.
Product Specifications:
  • Bus: ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) 16 bit bus.
  • Voltage: +5V with 4 amp pluggable fuse and short circuit sensing, +12V with 1.6 amp pluggable fuse and short circuit sensing, -12V with 1.6 amp pluggable fuse, -5V with 1.6 amp pluggable fuse.
  • Control: Single toggle switch or external TTL signal and power control.
  • Signal Delay: Less than 500 picosecond (250 picosecond max. through the buffer IC).
  • Mounting: In-line ISA Bracket or optional tie down bracket.
  • Environment: 0-60 degree C (operating and storage).
  • Dimension: Length 7.2 inches, Height 5.2 inches, Width 0.6 inches. (Dimension not including mounting bracket)
Product Options: (free of charge)
-T for an additional ISA connector at right angle to the extender.
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