Vesa Local Bus isolation extender,

wearout extender, offset extender and regular extender.

VLBIX is a Bus Isolation Extender for the Vesa Local Bus (VLB). It allows 32 and 64 bit VLB adapter boards to be added or removed from the Vesa system bus without having to power down the system. It also protects the system motherboard from being damaged by bad adapter boards under test. It offers tremendous time and labor cost savings during product development and production volume board testing.

The VLBIX isolates the powers and signals from the system bus by means of MOSFET drivers and state of the art analog switches. It has over voltage and over current protection and it allows external voltage margin and current measurement. It can be controlled by on-board toggle switch or external TTL control lines. It includes header pins for logic analyzer hook up. A right angle connector that replaces the pin headers is also available. The dimension is 11" L X 3" H. VLBIX Specification

VLBEX4 is a regular Vesa bus extender. It includes prototype area and header pins for logic analyzer or scope probe hook up. It also features right angle connector option. The dimension is 10.1" L X 3" H.

VLBSX4 is a wearout extender designed to go on top of the VLBIX or the VLBEX4. It is a short and low cost extender designed to be worn out after about 500-1000 insertions. It's purpose is to prolong the life of the VLBIX and VLBEX4 extenders in heavily used environment. The VLBSX4 is tie down to the other extender by two mounting ears. The dimension is 9.95" L X 1.1" H.

VLBOX4 is an offset extender. It offsets 1.3 inches into the chassis so the user does not have to modify the chassis to accommodate the extender. In some I/O boards with connectors extruded out toward the back of the chassis, the VLBOX4 would be very useful.

It is designed to go on top of the VLBIX or the VLBEX4 as an alternative to the VLBSX4 as wearout extender. The VLBOX4 is tie down to the other extenders by two mounting ears. The dimension is 11.4" L X 1.6" H.

The VLBIX and the VLBEX4 standard configuration includes straight extender connector and test header pins. They can also be ordered with right angle and straight extender connectors (-T option). The right angle connector replaces the header pins.

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