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MPIO, Multipurpose Power and Input / Output Controller
MPIO is a multipurpose Power and I/O controller. It has 24 output control lines and 24 input status lines for general purpose control function. It is designed with flexibility. Many of the decoding and control function are implemented under Programmable Array logic. It can be custom programmed to replace and emulate some of the existing I/O boards and maintain software compatibility. It can be fitted up to three power sources with 15% voltage margin under software control.
It also has built-in interface to control up to four Bus Isolation Extenders and one CardBus / PCMCIA tester board made by PMasia.com. The MPIO provides the user a totally in-chassis control function needed for board testing in production environment. Users no longer have to buy expensive external programmable power sources and additional controller boards and endure the hassle of integrating and maintaining all of them. The MPIO provides up to three most commonly used power sources, 5V, 3.3V and 12V. Each at 2-3 amp with 15% margin and on/off control. Each power source can be digitally controlled under software to 1/64th of voltage resolution within the voltage range. Each power source can be jumper selected to power up On or Off and programmed to power up Hi, Normal or Lo voltage, On board analog to digital converter also allows the set voltages to be read back for fine adjustment. There are three 8 bit output ports and three 8 bit input ports. All the I/O port addresses can be easily programmed to any I/O addresses within the PC I/O addressing range. Each output port can be powered up (or reset) to all zeros or to four Hi and four Lo states. The input ports can support either pullup resistor termination or split resistor termination. For external input control, two of the input lines can be used as external interrupt and wait state request lines. The MPIO is made in USA with one year warranty.
The dimension is 4.8" H x 11.5" L, not including the mounting bracket. MPIO Specification

MPIO_XPP is an external Power Panel, a companion product of the MPIO controller. Five power sources can be connected to the MPIO_XPP and accessed through the back opening of the PC chassis. These five power sources are the three margined power sources, X5V, X3.3V and X12V from the MPIO board and the two most common used power directly from the PC power supply, the fixed 5V and 12V. The margined power from the MPIO are fuse protected by the MPIO to 2-3 amps. The fixed power from the PC power supply are fuse protected by resetable fuses on the MPIO_XPP. User can populate the fuses to 1, 2 or 3 amps. The MPIO_XPP accepts direct wire connections from the MPIO board through a set of Terminal Blocks. The power from PC is connected to a standard PC peripheral power connector. The dimension is 4.8" H x 1.2" L, not including the mounting bracket.
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